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THEMA: Attention: [UW]Jak

Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #488

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Hey all.

Jak bricht bei jedem besuch mindestens 2. Regeln obowohl er ein Clan-Member ist.
1. Er glitcht
2. Beleidigt und provoziert
3. hackt aus meinem anschein!

Bei jedem Besuch glitcht Jak z.b. auf map Terminal, obwohl wir player zu ihm sagen hör auf damit es ist gegen die Regeln, macht er weiter. Jedes mal wenn er joint nennt er jeden spieler "fatty", und dann sagt er noch was anderes meistens.

Zum 3.ten:

Gestern während ich gegen ihn gespielt habe war es plötzlich sehr merkwürdig er schoss bevor er mich und mein teamkamerad sah, und wir waren sehr leise/haben fast keine geräusche gemacht, und für was mit einer geschwindigkeit.. mein Teamkamerad hat sich auch gewundert.
Ich bin mir 100 Prozent sicher das er gehackt hat.
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Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #489

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First of all i wanna thank bombe cause he entertained me again.
1. i barely glitch and if you compare to how much i glitched in the server you will see it went down with atleast 90% and even on terminal i almost dont glitch.
2. I insult just you and other ppl i know like cold and tigah and more and didnt know that your feelings were hurt when i call you a fatty cause you called me a fag and more (you started the insults even though, tigah was with us :D ask her)
3. i dont hack on uw, i never hacked on uw and i will never hack on uw. Im not like you, i have skill and dont need hack for it and to kill you i really dont need a hack
4. i never insulted you lately? i didnt even saw you around? there is some retard in uw though named ponka maybe you know him?
And pleas wright in english so i dont need to translate cause i really dont want to put that effort for this kind of bullshit. So bombe aka ponka aka Mr.vetkwab i hope you have a nice day you entertained me again though and pleas cut the cry. I also wanna ask to pleas unprotect him cause he aint a member and he aint following the rules but we cant warn him or kick even though he earned it. Now bombe good luck translating this or get some more english lessons at tigah cause my interpuntion and my english suck dick so good luck with my story. Love you though <3 #nohomo
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Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #490

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First: Since you complain about a member from the netherlands and this is an international clan all of us participating here, including yourself, should talk in english, so that everyone is able to understand.
Second: my short opinion on this topic I already stated ingame towards you, Bomby. I wanted to keep the server clean from stress like this, that's why I tried to cut a corner on the public debate at the server and told you to write in the forum if you still feel in need. So here comes the long version regarding to it...

You two disliking each other seems to get a bit out of control and of course more harmony would be the best for both of you as well as for the server. Let's work on this goal, mates! The no-homo Jak pretending to love you, Bomby, can be considered as a start :blush:

I just don't really get what you want to achieve by posting things like that, Bomby. You want him out of the clan? Well, he wanted he same some months ago when you were member and he wasn't. Look here. We had to fight the same war the other way round back then. You didn't even answer there, we had to do all the work. Explaining that noone is leaving his mate behind for the will of a hater, making clear how mistakes happen to all of us, so that some bad situations are kind of self-made and hoping for you two to calm down and heading for the better. So this is somehow ironic now - life at its best, friends!

Jak's "glitches" (he walks through no walls or under the maps when people are on, what he is able to perform alone is up to him) really reduced to a minimum and the remaining jumps and bounces are a nice little gameplay variation he shares with anyone interested. Actually this is winning UW even some more players, because some kids are not ready for a tactical game but enjoy exploring the maps like this. Moreover his videos about the jumping skills spread also the news about United Warriors Paintball, which is totally appreciated. There might have been other moments in the past, yet as far as I can see Jak is nowadays always playing the gametype objectively, as well as helping others to do so, and not taking advantage of any jump noone else can do at any time.

Insults are a quite delicate issue.Not everyone is offended by the same things while some others already get mad about an unfortunate compliment. So where to put the line? The server has its own automatic language control, which is a first good filter. And for example things like "naab" (as you called the player syndicate yesterday after he tagged you) would give you a warn if you weren't still protected. Also it isn't very amusing for others when you yell "Depp" at them or scream around after every single action: "so ein scheiß, dummes lag, doofer airstrike" etc. But you explained to us that you are a bit easily raging at the moment, so we kindly excused your blackouts. Nevertheless it would be better for everyone to keep your rage to where it belongs: yourself. If I get annoyed our gamer mouse has to suffer, e.g. :whistle: Instead of moaning at the server you could grab some sweets, listen to nice music, breathe in breathe out, shout in your room in real life and many things more. Find your special medicine, pal :)
Remember that we put you into the group friends and still protected you for a reason: as a gesture of good will and we don't want to let you down, but it is needless to say that our trust shouldn't be abused.
When it comes to Jak it even took us some time to fully understand his attitude and in the past we warned him for every "sup niggahs" and stuff. So today after we went through the ups and downs of several ethnic minorities like the black, the jewish, the women... :lol: we finally get a feeling for his special manner that isn't trying to diss someone, yet more to make fun of each and every situation because - not sure if you have already noticed - life can be hard enough apart from gaming. Have to admit that Jak's humour here can seem a bit rough sometimes and the sensitive souls may hardly cope with it. He already knows about this and he won't go too far with it, he promised. Also there are (master)admins who take care of it, Coldblooded for instance kept warning him for stuff like this and will be his bad conscience forever :woohoo: Though it's nothing nice to compare you might have no idea what's going on on other servers by the way, people are speaking there to each other in a way someone may call the cops immediately. So I think they could stand a cute little "fatty"-joke etc. on UW. Have you ever looked this insult up on the urban dictionary actually? It's almost flattering somehow - wanna say just try to see the good part about it than to demoralize yourself over the bad part :P

Now to the worst section of your complaint: UW is no hacker's clan so it's one of the toughest accusations you can make here when you claim some member to cheat. The United Warriors DON'T WISH stuff like that to be discussed for real on the server and also on the forum we give our best to manage such complex issues via personal message, teamspeak and other private options. The clan rules say it well and clear: no hacks allowed, otherwise exclusion from UW. It comes natural that members and the clan develop differently and have to fall apart sometimes, from time to time the human errors are even sort of personally disappointing, yet we have to got through it, but thank God during all the clan's years we only had one problematic case in terms of such disqualifications I mentioned before. Actually Jak helped to solve that incident so we are thankful, because every real hacker can empty the server in the blink of an eye, way more than an insulting person ever could, so we need to get rid of them mainly. Noone is specialist in everything so we need fellows like Jak who have a bit more insight in the specific fractions related to this subject.
You mentioned recoil and fullbright - two things that have no real effort on paintball. We personally would consider it a hack so we don't use it ourselves but whenever some kids come up with it it's usually as harmless like a levelhack or weapon bind. Legal UW has to compete with all the other cracked servers which allow wallhack, aimbot, autoknife and so on.You won't ever find something like this on UW, nevertheless we have to bend the remaining rules every now and then so that there still are enough players interested in us. We are not the Vatican so no use in being more christian than the pope if you understand what I'm saying ;)
One single suspicious situation will never get us convinced that someone, especially not Jak, hacked. You need lots of more spectated moments to prove someone hacking. One situation can be coincidence, luck, due to sound or expectation as well as experience, etc. All of us have our good and bad days, you know. And another teammate wondering is also no proof. We have 6-year old players on who can't understand how you shoot them into the face from 2m distance with no obstacles in between. Most people are very grateful to blame their inferiority on a never existing hack of the opponent. Easy kids' psychology: "am I really so bad or is the enemy just hacking? ah right of course he must be cheating...".
We guarantee that Jak is NOT hacking on UW - end of debate there - he didn't even do it when he was mad at us like we at him and he had plenty of reasons to mess up the server, why the hell he should ruin the reputation he earned now when all is just fine? :blink:

In the end it remains vague to me why you try to hide from him and rename yourself when afterwards trying to provoke him ("are you jaky chan?") instead of just avoid him completely. Ignoring people can be a magical thing. It's obvious that Jak isn't insulting everyone but at the moment especially you, so what can you two do about it? Of course you can go on hating each other, as well as - preferred idea ^^ - trying to get along with each other. Would just beg you to do it all silently... christmas is coming, pals :)

Since you have not one single day off this year I wouldn't bother me in my short freetime with all this struggling about nothing, if I were you, mate. Last but not least I am sorry for probably producing you a headache once again (the last time you told me that my english essays would be too eloquent and elaborate for you, if you remember like I do, Bomby. But thanks a million, Jak, for the heartwarming words you found describing my passion for (the english) language *.* ) - not only therefor I hope that my adorable Radshababe will sum it up one more time in a few crystal clear sentences :*
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Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #491

Not much to add after Kitty her book, haha. :cheer:

But... Bombe, you of all people are the one the nagging about OTHER people their behaviour in-game? I can't even count the many times you broke server rules and I just let you be. With all due respect mate, but Jak is considerably better behaving than you are.

Yes, Jak insults people. As do I. As do you. Players seem to not be bothered by Jak his insults thus we as (master)Admins do not have to take any steps. You never told us you felt hurt in any possible way by the way Jak was talking to you in-game. If you do not tell us how you feel about being called "Fatty", we can not really help you, or tell Jak to stop it.

As Kitty stated in a very lovely way :lol: I will always keep my eye on Jak and just for the heck of it I will be harder on him than anyone else. :evil:
Jak glitches a lot, I hate it. It brings players to the server, I love it. What ever is good for the server and the community. Get used to it.

Jak doesn't hack on our server. End of discussion.

I know Jak is just an utter Dutch pillock and an annoying kid. But he is MY annoying utter pillock kid. If you have any further issues about Jak, tell us in a polite way and as Kitty said: use English when talking about a foreigner.
Previous name: Rolf27, name in Paintball SeverStats(ext.) {SB}Rolf27
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Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #492

As I told many times now, you two won´t get best friends - even not if the world explode. So, as I told many times earlier too, ignore each other. That will be the best way. I wrote you both personal messages and told you both directly what I think about - thx for behaving at our server - EVERYBODY :whistle: :evil: :woohoo: B)
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Attention: [UW]Jak 3 Jahre 8 Monate her #493

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Hey all,

Coldy: You are Right with broken rules , i hacked on uw server , and i known that this was shit shit shit. but when anyone like Jak call me Fatty or ... than i fell rlly angry. And im not nagging only at other , i nagging on me too. And i will ignore all things in game. Extra Jaky. Coldy when you think it.. but i think other.

Radsha: You have told us it now , i belive 4-5 times, and we didnt hear on you, but now i saw that you has right. Its the best way to ignore us, we wont be friends. But ignore is the best Way with what we dont be angry in game.

Jak: Stop this glitching man... its rlly worse! And at first, when you come in-game , the first thing what you do, you call me fatty, after it i called you faggot. But you begin with this shit. Btw. im unprotected bec, i want it. Now you can Kick or warn me so much like you want.

Have a nice day.
See you on Server.
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