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THEMA: Admin issue

Admin issue 3 Jahre 3 Monate her #535

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Hy all uW members,

some of you know me and I know some of your members.
I play a lot at your SD server and after some period I notice that some of you guys give me admin privilegues at rank of 40.
I really appreciate that and I always try to be realistic on decision that I make.
I was wrong only once, when I ban one player and I put excuse on that decision.

Today, I have one issue with player Nemeless or something like that, we played Citystreets map,
and this playes constantly hard camp on spawn attack.
I didnt !w him, but i tell him that I will kick him if he continue to play like that.
This warn was at the end of map. After that we played Crash.
At the beginning of first round, this player clear shoot me behind wall, on killcam I was pretty sure that he exactly know my position.
On weapon that I use at that mpoment, I have perks - dead silence, jammer and silencer.
I didnt shot single bullet...Excuse was UAV. After this I !tb him.
After this, player from clan HzK (he is alsow admin 40 level), curs me because of my decision.
I have argue with him, because he use bad words. The next hour, whoever is entered on the server that player told him that GAY Opus ban Nemeless...bla bla.
After that my vocabulary has become more disastrous and I am not paying attention things what I tell him.
Finally, I want to explain this letter.
I highly appreciate your clan and players that I know, just as I respect all regular players and my dZp clan.
This is exactly why I felt the need to write this and that in the end if I'm wrong I want to apologize to the player Nemeless.

Best regards

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Admin issue 3 Jahre 3 Monate her #536

Hello Ivan,

we don´t know about which server you are talking - we have so many COD4-Servers :whistle: We do only have one single COD4 Paintball server, not more - no s&d or anything else. So it´s not possible, that you banned someone at "our" s&d. But thanks for your information B)
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